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Welcome to South Durham Art UK!

Our mission is to provide you with functional works-of-art, gifts & accessories. Each piece in our curated collection is designed to embody artistic expression and a commitment to ethical practices, telling a story of sustainability and conscientious living.

Our selection includes stunning natural coconut lamps that cast a serene glow with their sinuous contours and robust teak display stands that showcase your treasures while also demonstrating our dedication to using renewable resources. We believe that your home should reflect your values, and with our unique offerings, you can make a statement that resonates with beauty, responsibility, and artistry.
At South Durham Art, we cherish the earth and its future by weaving sustainability and ethics into the very fabric of our business. Every item in our collection is a testament to our unwavering commitment to these principles. We meticulously source renewable materials and harvest them with the utmost respect for the environment. Our partnerships are chosen carefully to ensure that every hand involved in creating our products is treated fairly and with dignity.
We understand that the choices we make today shape the world we live in tomorrow. That's why each coconut lamp, teak stand, and accessory is crafted to reduce our ecological footprint. From the thoughtful procurement of materials to the lasting quality of our products, we aim to offer a sustainable alternative to the disposable culture that pervades the industry.
By choosing South Durham Art, you select a piece of functional art for your space and join a movement. A movement that values the artisans' craft, the integrity of sourcing, and the preservation of our planet. We promise to deliver beauty and functionality without compromising our ethical standards, ensuring every purchase supports a brighter future for our communities and the environment.
We have different departments in our online shop for you to explore! Our Bathroom Heaven offers eco-friendly fixtures and accessories, while our Homewares selection has everything from decorative vases to wall art. Our Kitchen essentials blend utility with sustainable charm, featuring cutting boards and serving platters crafted from responsibly sourced wood. Art enthusiasts will adore our Limited Edition Prints, a collection that supports local artists while encapsulating rare beauty. In our Personalized Goods department, you can imbue a personal touch into thoughtfully made items.
We invite you to explore our virtual gallery of furniture accessories that double as art pieces for the discerning and eco-conscious shopper. Each visit to our online shop offers a new opportunity to uncover the perfect statement piece that complements your home and aligns with your values of sustainability and ethical living.
Discover the art in everyday items with South Durham Art, and let your purchases reflect your commitment to beauty, quality, and a greener world. Join us in redefining the essence of home decor and celebrating the harmony between form, function, and philanthropy.
Welcome to our community of art lovers and earth advocates—your journey towards a more sustainable and ethically furnished home begins here!
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Wooden Teak Soap Dispenser
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South Durham Art is an online store that is setting market trends. We offer top-quality products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from all over the world. As a team of innovators and forward-thinkers, we continuously strive to improve your shopping experience.
We have built a reputation for providing sustainable, reliable, and high-quality products, which has made our name synonymous with quality. We are proud to have countless happy customers, and we look forward to serving many more in the future. You can explore our extensive selection by browsing our site, and subscribing to our newsletter will keep you informed about special offers and discounts!

Crystal Elemental Soap

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Our goal is to offer unique and exceptional products that stand out from the ordinary. If you have any inquiries about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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