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Varanasi Scarves - Passion Purple

Varanasi Scarves adorned in a striking shade of passion purple. These scarves capture the essence of Varanasi, a city known for its spiritual energy and cultural richness, infusing a touch of this vibrant heritage into your wardrobe. 

These scarves are not just an accessory, but an expression of style. They offer numerous ways to enhance your daily fashion, from draping to creative knots.

▪️ Size: 56 x 183 cm (22 x 72 in)

▪️ Material: Cotton, Rayon 

▪️ Care Instruction: Hand wash only 

▪️ Origin: India

Sold as 1 single scarf - Please note all scarves are random colours and will not be the exact same design as shown in pictures. Please specify in special instructions which colour is preferred

Varanasi Scarves - 22x72cm - Passion Purple

SKU: BohoIS-10
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