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"Sunflower Serenity" Aromatherapy Set – a retail essential! This invigorating set showcases a Chamomile & Grapefruit Bath Bomb paired with mineral-rich Himalayan Bath Salt and vibrant Sunflower Petals.Immerse your customers in a revitalising retreat with this perfect fusion of fragrances and luxurious bath essentials. Offer "Sunflower Serenity" in your retail collection for an ideal combination of relaxation and indulgence.Packed in the eco-friendly cardboard tube - preserves freshness, making it an attractive addition to in-store displays for an eye-catching retail experience.  Handmade - Made in the UK Bath bomb weight: approx, 0.140gHimalayan Salt weight: approx. 0.050gFlower Petals weight: approx, 0.005g

Sunflower Serenity

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