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Seagrass Basket Set - Dark Grey/ Natural / White is perfect for displaying your products, multi-functional baskets are handwoven and add a genuine earthy look to any space. Sold in set of 3, each basket is handmade from eco-friendly seagrass. This easy to store trio is ideal for gift baskets, it can even be used as a chic flower pot. The largest one has an upper handle. Natural materials are seriously on trend, especially products made from nice looking seagrass are fashionable.


The colourful baskets can be used as tote bags, mini laundry baskets or to display your goodies you would like to have well-organized or easy and quick to grab.

Dimensions of large basket: H: 17 cm (28 cm with a handle), D: 20 cmDimensions of middle basket: H: 16 cm, D: 17cmDimensions of small basket: H: 14 cm, D: 14 xm

Seagrass Basket Set - Dark Grey / White / Natural

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