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Natural Place Mat - Zen-Inspired Elegance with Bodhi Tree Print

Where tranquillity meets rustic charm. Crafted from premium Jute, these mats feature a serene Bodhi Tree Print that brings a touch of Zen-inspired elegance to your dining space.

🌾 Crafted with care from high-quality Jute for eco-conscious dining

🍽️ Generously sized at 30cm, suitable for any dining occasion 

🌳 Adorned with Bodhi Tree Print for a serene and stylish flair

Elevate your dining decor with these exquisite mats, whether you're hosting a casual meal or a formal gathering. The combination of Jute and the Bodhi Tree Print creates a serene and elegant atmosphere at your table.

Enhance your dining space with Natural Place Mats. Order now and infuse your meals with the calming presence of the Bodhi Tree.

Natural Place Mat - Jute 30cm - Bodhi Tree Print

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