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Classic luxury linen cushion covers. Total luxury. Live like a millionaire. 

Made in Indonesia with eco-friendly linen which is a renewable and fully biodegradable material.

The material feels very soft and comfy, inviting you to relax. With each wash and use, it will get softer because the linen fibres break during washing, so the longer you use it, the finer (and more posh) it is.

These linen covers have a stylish fringe and handy zip closure.  Get that sub-tropical look with palm tree designs, or rock that classic simple luxury feel with natural covers.

Classic 45x45cm so useful. Huge 60x60cm so comfy. Attractive 30x50cm so pretty. They make a lovely display in store.

NB: The cushions inners you need are sold separately, see below.

Linen Cushion 30x50cm with fringe

SKU: LinC-03
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