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Large Molten Glass Vase - Terrarium Jar on Wood: Bali's Artistry in Every Curve

This vase captures the essence of Bali's creativity, joining the delicate allure of hand-blown glass with the rustic charm of Gamal root wood, creating a harmonious showpiece.

🔥 Hand-Blown Glass: Each glass is a testament to the skill and precision of Balinese artisans, making every vase a unique work of art.

🌿 Gamal Root Wood: Resting on a Gamal root wood base, this vase captures the organic beauty of Bali's landscape. 

✋ Craftsmanship: The molten glass is expertly relaxed over the wood, forming a seamless union that conforms to the wood's natural shape.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, there can be small imperfections in the glass such as small bubbles, and light scratches. Sizes and designs may vary slightly.

Large Molten Glass Vase - Terrarium Jar on Wood

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